Sand Linen Napkin Set

A set of four sand medium weight washed linen napkins, plant dyed using chestnut. These 100% linen napkins have natural variations and light mottling effects that add texture and an organic feel. The edges are stitched to protect the raw fringe, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Each napkin is about 17" x 17" wide when pressed flat and adds interest and elegance to any dining table. At our Detroit studio, we use a meticulous process of hand dyeing with plant extracts to create deep and complex shades that subtly change with the light. As a result, no two pieces are identical in color, making each set of napkins a unique addition to your home décor.


100% Linen

The process

Plant dyes create deep and complex shades that seem to subtly change with the light. Although the same recipe is used for each batch, no two pieces will be identical in color. Each step in the process of crafting these napkins is done intentionally by hand in our Detroit studio. The result is an organic color and lightly textured piece that adds romantic and delicate beauty to any tablescape.


We ship as plastic free and low waste as possible by using recycled paper padded mailers, and 100% recycled, 50% consumer waste made poly mailers when necessary.

Care instructions

We want your napkins to last, so we take extra care in washing, pressing, and folding them before sending them to you. To keep them looking great, we recommend machine washing on warm with natural detergent (ECOS, Seventh Generation, etc.). You can hang them to dry or tumble dry gently. After washing, trim any loose threads from the fringe.

Sustainably Crafted

We utilize sustainability conscious practices to limit water usage and fabric waste in our production. We work exclusively with plant dyes and natural fibers, both of which are compostable. Rosemarine Textiles is committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing of all fabrics, dye materials and packaging. All packaging can be reused or recycled. Please feel free to contact us for any questions regarding our sustainability policies.

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Sand Linen Napkin Set