Rosemarine Textiles

is a collection of home goods and accessories dyed using plants in Detroit, Michigan. Each piece is made by hand with intention and respect for our Earth.

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Thoughtful Pieces for Everyday

Rosemarine Textiles is a collection of home goods and accessories designed to add beauty and delight to your everyday life. Whether it's a scrunchie that makes you feel pretty on the go, or a cloth napkin that helps you slow down and enjoy a meal with your family, our pieces are crafted to enhance your daily experiences.

Made in Michigan
Made in Michigan
Earth Friendly
Earth Friendly
Our values

Dyed with Plants & Made with Love

At Rosemarine Textiles, we work exclusively with natural plant dyes. These dyes are created from a variety of flowers, leaves, wood shavings, and food waste materials. Using natural plant dyes is a more environmentally friendly and creatively inspiring way to add color to fabrics. They produce gorgeous earth tones that are complex and beautiful to wear. All of our products are crafted by our small team in our Hamtramck studio space.

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Meet Meghan

Rosemarine Textiles, run by Meghan Navoy, is a sustainable textile studio in Detroit that creates handmade home goods and accessories using plant-based dyes. Meghan gained her textile background at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and co-founded the FIT rooftop natural dye garden, exploring her love of sustainable production and botanical color.

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Rosemarine Textiles Hamtramck Studio inside clothing rack and shelves with plants

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