Our Full Process

Step 1

First, we cut undyed fabric from the bolt and prepare it for dyeing.

Step 2

Next, we soak the fabric in a mordant bath of alum overnight to help the color last longer and look brighter and more vibrant. We use large storage tubs to ensure that the fabric can move around freely in the mordant bath.

Step 3

We create a dye bath in a large stockpot with plant material, similar to making tea. We add boiling water to the plant matter and strain it into a pot of water.

Step 4

Afterward, we add the prepared fabric to the dye bath and use hot plates to add heat to keep the dye bath warm during the dyeing process. We make sure to stir this regularly to ensure even color distribution. Typically, we leave the fabric in the dye bath overnight.

Step 5

Next, we rinse the dyed fabric in a bucket of water. Then we run the rinsed piece through an additional rinse cycle in our washing machine.

Step 6

We hang the washed fabric to dry on drying racks in our studio. Depending on the time of year, it takes anywhere from an hour to a day to dry.

Step 7

After the fabric has dried, we use a steam iron to press it at our ironing station.

Step 8

After pressing, we cut and prepare the fabric to be sewn into the final piece.

Step 9

We sew the piece at our sewing station with great attention to detail.

Step 10

Finally, we add a hang tag to the finished piece. We stamp the dye material on each tag so you know what gave the piece its gorgeous color!
Thu, Aug 24, 23