Indigo Workshop 4/24/24

We’re hosting an indigo dye workshop Wednesday April 24th at our studio in Hamtramck.  Join us on Thursday from 6-8pm to learn the art of natural indigo dyeing.

During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to bring two pieces of clothing made from natural fibers to over dye. This can include items such as cotton, linen, wool, hemp, or silk. Additionally, each participant will receive one organic cotton bandana to dye. Old stained or dull clothes, pillowcases, tea towels, cotton socks, whatever! We’ll supply the indigo vat, you bring something to dip it in.

There will be some basic instructional guidance but feel free to experiment. For dyeing, wear something you don’t mind getting a little dirty - like an old t shirt or a smock.

The workshop will be led by Meghan, who will guide participants through the process of indigo dyeing. Participants will learn how to prepare their fabric for dyeing and techniques for achieving different shades of blue.

The admission fee for the workshop is $45, which includes all materials needed for the workshop. This fee covers the cost of the cotton bandana, the indigo dye, and any additional materials needed for the dyeing process. If you'd like to dye more than just a bandana, you can purchase additional items to dye here.

This is a great way to revamp a piece in your wardrobe that is stained or you just don’t wear. Please register in advance for the workshop so we can prepare enough indigo dye. Limited availability!

✹Note: your item won’t be able to fully dry before you leave so expect to take it home damp in a bag (feel free to bring your own plastic shopping bag to take it home in)

✹Please no large bedding or blankets! (it won’t fit)


DATE: Wednesday April 24th

TIME: 6-8M

LOCATION: Rosemarine Textiles Studio,  11447 Joseph Campau, South Unit, Hamtramck, MI

WHAT TO BRING: 2 piece of clothing that are a natural fiber to over dye in the indigo bath, a plastic bag to bring your piece home in

WHAT TO WEAR: Something you don’t mind getting indigo dye on - an apron or smock

WHAT YOU WILL TAKE HOME: Your two dyed pieces plus a bandana

Sustainably Crafted

We utilize sustainability conscious practices to limit water usage and fabric waste in our production. We work exclusively with plant dyes and natural fibers, both of which are compostable. Rosemarine Textiles is committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing of all fabrics, dye materials and packaging. All packaging can be reused or recycled. Please feel free to contact us for any questions regarding our sustainability policies.

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Customer Reviews

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Mandy Decker
Ten out of Five Stars!

Seriously, this way exceeded my expectations and was so fun! I loved Meghan’s instructions and ideas with the encouragement to go for it and get dyeing! My items turned out so beautiful and I feel so much more confident about playing with natural dyes! Loved this workshop and highly recommend!

Indigo Workshop 4/24/24